"How well do you know your Whitetail Deer Scent supplier?"

Have you ever thought what type of company your whitetail deer scents and urine comes from?
Does the whitetail deer sent or urine company even own their own deer?.
A lot of the whitetail deer scent and urine companies buy from farms like we operate, they dress it up to market it.

Another thought you might consider is the type of collection system is used by the whitetail deer scent and urine company.

Fresh whitetail deer scents.

I have seen many whitetail deer scent collection systems over the years. A popular method is to herd the whitetail deer into buildings by force because the whitetail deer are not tame.
Then you have spooked whitetail deer corralled into building with a sloped cement slab.
The result is injuries when you have whitetail deer bouncing off the walls.
Think about it, the mess of crap hair and blood all running together on that cement floor.
As you can see from the photos all my whitetail deer are tame from being bottle fed.
I take the fawns from their mother when they are a day and a half old. They are moved into a barn and are bottle fed until September,
then they are moved back to the herd whitetail deer enter the collection pens that have elevated floors of their on will.
The whitetail deer urine travels away from the droppings immediately. I keep a 3000 psi pressure washer in the pen all the time and the collection pens are cleaned daily.