West Wind Whitetails are the consultants to the Alberta Whitetail & Mule Deer Association, on scent collecting, Managing and Marketing at the 2001 trade show.

Current Whitetail Deer Prices


 Bottle Fed White Tail Fawns:      

Bottle fed 1 to 3 weeks

Doe or Buck


Bottle fed 3 to 6 weeks

Doe or Buck


Bottle fed 6 to 9 weeks

Doe or Buck


(After 9 weeks deer should be weaned.  Bottle fed deer will retain a "pet" disposition and will not require tranquilizing to be moved.)

 Nursed White Tail Fawns:

Fawns nursed by mother and weaned by late summer



Fawns nursed by mother and weaned by late summer



(These deer will require tranquilizing.)

 Adult Deer:      

Yearling Doe


Proven Mother


Pregnant Doe


Yearling Buck


Older Buck

$500.00 & up

(Call for prices on white deer and piebald deer.)


Please note: The above prices are for deer picked up at Westwind Whitetails & Scents.  The above prices do not include shipping.  Delivery may be possible - please contact us for details.


We welcome any comments or questions! We can be reached at:

West Wind White Tails
Paul Carson
479 West Wind Road
Kane, PA 16735
(814) 837-9324


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