Deer Hunter,

    We have been operating our scent production business in the heart of the Allegheny Forest since 1986.  Our scent line consists of DOE "P", DOE IN HEAT "P" and DOMINATE BUCK "P".  We service archery and rifle hunters nation wide.  We have numerous letters of commendation from archery and rifle hunters, some of which are displayed under Testimonials.

    There are four basic areas that differentiate us from the majority of our competitors.  I will list them for you.

1.    Our collection pens were designed by myself with elevated floors that are perforated to allow urine to pass through to the collection panel thereby minimizing contact with droppings.  Concrete slabs are used by many of our competitors.  The slab allows urine to be contaminated by droppings before it reaches the collection trough which in turn creates a higher bacteria count in each bottle you buy.

2.    We ship 100% Natural Deer Urine and do not mix it with urine from cows, rabbits, or other wildlife.

3.    Unlike some competitors who chemically induce their doe to estrus with estrogens and pregestines, we use the natural process of light restrictions to pens where does are held to prematurely trigger the doe to estrus.

4.    Our scents are never carried over from season to season, but are always shipped within weeks, if not days, of collection to our customers.


Paul Carson



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